a lady using a printer

Perhaps you want to buy the first printer for your home office or workplace, or you want to replace one that has broken down. The good news is that you have a wide range of machines to choose from, but that may also pose a challenge. You may be confused by the many choices and maybe not know what to look for in the printers to pick the best one. You need to know the most important features of the machine that you will buy. And if you are looking for a printing device that matches your Chromebook, check out this review of some of the best printers for chromebook.

Here are some of the top mistakes users make while buying printers:

Considering Only the Price

considering only the priceYou will have committed a big mistake and one that you will regret later if you only concentrate on the printer’s price when buying one. As much as s purchasing a printer at an amazing discount is a wonderful thing, it would help if you considered other factors. It would help to think of the other benefits that the device will offer, like the quality of the printouts, Wi-Fi connectivity, and fair cost of consumables like cartridges.

You should avoid the notion that provided the printer gets work done, it is good enough, and focus on getting quality printouts any time they roll out of the machine. Therefore, in the long term, the quality of prints, the cost of consumables, and technological factors will be of great importance than the printer’s price.

Not Considering the functions You Want

multifunctional printer-scanner,fax,printer,photocopierAs you buy your printer, it would be prudent to identify the functions you want to perform in advance. Are you looking only for a printing machine or a printer that also has faxing, scanning, and photocopying functions? Failing to determine the work you want the machine to do will make you choose porly, and you could end up being disappointed when it does not meet your needs.

Not Factoring the Connectivity Options

ethernet connectionMost printers come with three or four connectivity options. Some of the connectivity options are USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, mobile printing, NFC (Near Field Connectivity), and cloud printing. As you buy your printer, choose the one that supports your preferred connectivity option. You wouldn’t want to be let down when you want to print to find that the printer does not support wireless printing. Or you want to print via cloud and you cannot do it.It is crucial you consider your preferred option and of the other users.