Top Mistakes When Buying Printers

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Perhaps you want to buy the first printer for your home office or workplace, or you want to replace one that has broken down. The good news is that you have a wide range of machines to choose from, but that may also pose a challenge. You may be confused by the many choices and maybe not know what to look for in the printers to pick the best one. You need to know the most important features of the machine that you will buy. And if you are looking for a printing device that matches your Chromebook, check out this review of some of the best printers for chromebook.

Here are some of the top mistakes users make while buying printers:

Considering Only the Price

considering only the priceYou will have committed a big mistake and one that you will regret later if you only concentrate on the printer’s price when buying one. As much as s purchasing a printer at an amazing discount is a wonderful thing, it would help if you considered other factors. It would help to think of the other benefits that the device will offer, like the quality of the printouts, Wi-Fi connectivity, and fair cost of consumables like cartridges.

You should avoid the notion that provided the printer gets work done, it is good enough, and focus on getting quality printouts any time they roll out of the machine. Therefore, in the long term, the quality of prints, the cost of consumables, and technological factors will be of great importance than the printer’s price.

Not Considering the functions You Want

multifunctional printer-scanner,fax,printer,photocopierAs you buy your printer, it would be prudent to identify the functions you want to perform in advance. Are you looking only for a printing machine or a printer that also has faxing, scanning, and photocopying functions? Failing to determine the work you want the machine to do will make you choose porly, and you could end up being disappointed when it does not meet your needs.

Not Factoring the Connectivity Options

ethernet connectionMost printers come with three or four connectivity options. Some of the connectivity options are USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, mobile printing, NFC (Near Field Connectivity), and cloud printing. As you buy your printer, choose the one that supports your preferred connectivity option. You wouldn’t want to be let down when you want to print to find that the printer does not support wireless printing. Or you want to print via cloud and you cannot do it.It is crucial you consider your preferred option and of the other users.

Tips on Keeping Our Home Secure

smart lock technology

In the age of technology, the importance of home security can never be underestimated. Burglars have become smart, and home security locks that were working years ago no longer work today. It is important to be smart with your home safety.Using smart locks for Google Home keeps your home safe.

Apart from using modern lock technology, be proactive about keeping your home safe. Check and double-check to make sure that everything is working perfectly. Burglars take advantage of loopholes in your security system so that they can access your home. Here are some tips to keep your home safe and secure:

Use the Right Locks

Using the right locks is very important to keep your home secure. You need to use smart lock technology for maximum safety. Smart locks come in a variety of types and options. The simplest locks require you to put a pass code so that you can access the home.

However, we now have advanced technology like the use of fingerprint or even eye recognition. Using technology can help you to secure your home. When using smart technology locks, make sure that an expert installs them. They will only work when you get the best quality and also with the right installation.

smart lock

Use Security Lighting

Security lighting is important for your home and especially at night. Make sure that you have adequate lighting in all the entry points of your home. Dark spots in your compound work as a hiding place for burglars who are likely to access your home. When the compound is well-lit, it will be difficult for unwanted strangers to hide anywhere near your home.

Clear the Compound

Keeping your compound clear can also help aid security. Tall bushes and plants near your home can act as hiding areas for invaders. You can have some plants and flowers in your yard but make sure that the front door is as clear as possible. Keeping your front door clear makes you vigilant of your surroundings. It is possible to see anyone trying to access your home.

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Use Security Cameras

Every home should have security cameras on the entry points. Security cameras will not prevent burglars, but they serve as a warning to anyone coming near your home. When they see cameras, they will stay away and stop their plans for accessing your home. Good quality cameras are the best because they can capture everything going around in your home entry points.

How to Fix OpenAL32.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

openal32 error

Many computer users come across errors when launching some programs on their PCs. When a program does not function as intended, it will prompt an error code or message. Error alerts are common and are useful since they alert the user of software issues. Because you are reading this article, you have likely experienced some problems with openal32.dll. OpenAL32.dll errors happen because of corrupt or missing components in the DLL file. In some cases, the error signifies a registry issue, malware, virus, or hardware problems.

What is OpenAL32.dll?

This DLL file is a part of the Open Audio Library (OpenAL) software application interface. The file is needed by multiple programs like audio software and game applications. OpenAL32.dll is an API component that helps improve user experience. When your OpenAL program prompts an error message, you can get it in several ways, as shown below:
• “The program can’t start because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer.”
• “There was a problem starting OpenAL32.dll.”
• “Error loading OpenAL32.dll.”
• “This application failed to start because OpenAL32.dll was not found.”
Apart from the mentioned causes of these error alerts may occur from alternative reasons. Below, you will find two simple techniques that should be useful in rehabilitating the issue.

Methods to Try

Method 1: Reinstall the Program

When your computer prompts an OpenAL32.dll error, they additionally get suggestions on how to solve the problem. Mostly your PC will suggest installing the program to repair any damage. Hopefully, this technique should solve your problem once you restart your PC. If you face the same issue, try getting a new OpenAL32.dll file and install it.

Method 2: Scan Your Computer

Perform a full malware or virus scan on your PC. Some errors are results of viruses or malware infection. The error on your computer can likely be a hostile program camouflaging as the DLL file. If your scanner identifies viruses or malware, get rid of the files and reinstall a new OpenAL32.dll file. This method should help solve the error.

Extra Tip

When you get an OpenAL software error while gaming, consider checking if all your device drivers are updated. Updating your drivers will not solve the error but will assist in stabilizing and optimizing your system. Also, consider updating your operating system. Thanks to software innovation, updating drivers is straightforward and easy.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are other techniques for solving such DLL errors. I hope this article helps you resolve your program failure.

Top Benefits of Battery Reconditioning

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Have a battery charger is essential to getting the most out of battery. Not only is it useful for recharging the battery, but it also saves it a great deal from common issues. With continuous innovations in the battery and charger industry, some intelligent models, such as battery reconditioning chargers, have turned to be extremely dependable.

It is worth noting that reconditioned batteries are not as powerful as new ones. But with careful driving habits, you will undoubtedly be able to get the best out of any battery. That said, here are some top benefits of using a reconditioned battery.


It is a known fact that used car batteries last longer than a reconditioned battery, but this depends on how you use them. Reconditioning an old battery can add a couple of years to your old battery before losing its viability. But as far as longevity goes, it is imperative to ensure that your battery is reconditioned professionally. And if you are going the DIY route, you start by learning the trade.


A reconditioned battery is cheaper than a new one. Reconditioning makes a lot of sense to anyone operating on a tight budget and still fancies having a functional car battery. For starter, you need to learn how to go about reconditioning your batteries. old car battery


Some car battery brands can be difficult to find, especially if you still drive one of those old models. However, this does not mean that you should keep your car grounded because you cannot get the battery. You might recondition your old battery or buy a reconditioned one as you look for a new battery. Reconditioning can also help you avoid emergencies.

Reliable Power

A reconditioned battery measures up well compared to a new battery. While it might not be in pristine condition, it can provide you with just the right amount of energy. If you cannot recondition a car battery, you should seek professional help to explore the options available to you. And overall, the decision to use a reconditioned battery will be beneficial to the environment.

Tips to Enhance the Performance of Your Google Ads

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Are you trying marketing your business online? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you have an idea of how competitive digital marketing can be. Other companies that do what you do are competing for the same audience as you. The competition can be quite stiff, and if you are not careful, you’ll get swallowed by your competitors.

If your Google Ads are not performing as expected, you need to revamp them to keep your competition at bay. Here are some of the other tips you could use enhance the performance of Google Ads;

Choose Your Keywords Strategically

Aligning your keywords with your keywords and landing page will work to your advantage. Using long-form keywords instead of single keywords will undoubtedly help improve your Google Ads. For instance, if you are selling toys, try using terms such as “Kids gift toys” or “best boys toys.” Don’t use general single words such as “toys.” They’ll not fair well on your Google Ads.

Use a Catchy Call-To-Action

Most people don’t know how to conclude an Ad. You need to end your ads with a statement that will make the reader want to act. By acting, we mean making your audience want to buy you’re your products. A strong call-to-action always seals the deal. Some of the statements you should use include Sign Up, Try, Request for a Quote, and so on.

Create Simple Interesting Ads

easy to grasp adIf you want your Google Ads to do well, you need to think of your audience first. Once you know what would resonate with your prospects, create short and intriguing Ads. You can do this by highlighting the best features on the Ads. Furthermore, indicate any future or ongoing orders in your Ads.



Test Different Ideas

Some Google Ads are better than others. This depends on how you express yourself on ads. In some, you excel, and they garner lots of attention, while some don’t do well. That said, experiment with different ideas, offers, and call-to-action statements. Soon you’ll find out what works for you, and your ads will undoubtedly be more appealing.

Google Ads can help you grow your business exponentially. However, they’ve got to be captivating. In the competition for customers’ attention, the brand with catchy Google Ads does better than those with plain ads.

Why You Should Use a Cell Phone Spying App


Smartphones are some of the best inventions of the decade. They have helped to improve communication and also access to certain information. Keeping in touch with your loved ones from various corners of the globe is now a simple task. Some of the advanced features in smartphones have made the process of tracking and spying them easier. Most of them have a GPS or location sharing feature that makes it easy to tell the location of a specific device.

You can also easily spy a particular device and look at what one is going through. Locate a smartphone with IHandyOrten cell phone tracking software to know the whereabouts fast. Phone spying apps help you understand what a particular target phone user is doing. You should look for a good cell phone spying app that will let you access all the information you need from the target phone. One thing you should consider is its ease of use.

The cell phone spying app you intend to use should be easy to navigate and have all the prompts that will let you try several things. Its level of effectiveness also matters. Look for a spying app that will be fast in relaying the desiredspying app results and giving you all the information you may need from the target phone. There are several reasons why you should use a cell phone spying app. They include:

Watch Over Your Kids

Most kids now have access to smartphones. This is not a bad idea because parents can keep in touch with them and they can also learn a lot of things through their devices. A cell phone spying app lets you understand what your child is up to on their device, and you can stop them from accessing certain content.

Track Lost Smartphones

Apart from spying, you can also track a lost mobile phone using the cell phone spying app. They will not only show you different things the target phone is up to but also their exact location. This can be beneficial if you are not aware of the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Monitor Employee Performance

The cell phone spying app can alsocell phone apps be used in certain types of jobs. You can track what your employees are doing on their mobile devices and tell whether they are productive. Most of them will engage in productive activities knowing well they are being monitored. How about you try the cell phone spying app to enjoy these benefits.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Skateboard

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Purchasing an electric skateboard should not be done in a rushed and careless manner. You need to explore the different options you have. It is vital to inspect the quality of the skateboard before buying it. Also, ensure you assess emerging trends in skateboard manufacturing. Top 10 list provides various makes and models of electric skateboards you should consider. The following tips can help you to choose a quality electric skateboard. Remember to examine all options you have.

Deck Materials

When purchasing an electric skateboard, ensure you inspect it by checking the materials used to make the deck. Usually, decks are made of high-quality timber. It is advisable to choose a deck that has multiple layers, and it means it is durable and flexible. In most cases, the number of layers used ranges from 4 to 10. You can also find skateboards made of reinforced fiberglass.

Wheel Quality

Another vital factor to consider is the grade of the wheel. You should note that wheels serve as important accessories of the skateboard. Most of the wheels are made of polyurethane materials. No matter the size and material of the wheel you choose, you have to ensure its quality is topnotch. A high-quality wheel delivers fantastic performance when it comes to texture, ride, handling, speed, and acceleration.

Also, the quality of wheels can be affected by their hardness and size. The softer wheels are quite beneficial as they offer more traction, especially when they are used on tough and rough surfaces and terrains. Moreover, they provide more rolling capacity and predictable slide. On the other hand, harder wheels often skate faster as they have less traction.


The engine of an electric skateboard should determine your choice. The wattage rating of the engine is not the main determinant, but it means that your skateboard will supply more torque and be quicker. Therefore, it will affect the speed of the skateboard. Also, remember that higher wattage used in a motor means it will generate a lot of noise.


There is a need to look at the battery used by an electric skateboard. Ensure it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You will find it to be more beneficial as compared to the lead-acid battery as it is lighter. Remember that the lifespan of the battery can extend to a thousand cycles. You should assess the battery life if you are planning to use your skateboard for extended trips. You do not want the battery to die in the middle of the journey.